COVID-19 Cafe Protocol

Hot Shots Cafe / COVID-19 Cafe Protocol

In the food industry it is demanded to be safe when handling food. We are subject to strict health inspections and
recently scored 100% on our March 9 th inspection and are working with the local health authority to ensure we are
current with all procedure changes and rules in effect due to covid-19.

That said, we have implemented even stricter protocol for our staff due to the covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Any staff who do not feel well will not be scheduled.
  2. Any staff who do not feel comfortable with working during this crisis will not be scheduled or pressured to
  3. All staff will be required to adhere to impeccable hygiene & awareness of themselves while working in the
    kitchen. Upon arrival staff will place all personal items in a designated area then wash thoroughly before
    entering the work space.
  4. We have fewer staff in each section while working.
  5. All food items received from the grocery store or suppliers will be wiped down and sanitized before
    entering the food preparation areas & food storage areas (we have a dedicated table in the lobby where
    deliveries will be placed and sanitized before being put away in café).
  6. All equipment, doors handles, taps, etc are continually sanitized (on a timer).
  7. Only staff who are on the schedule will be allowed in the café, otherwise doors are locked.
  8. We will disinfect the debit machine between customers (and tap is preferred). No cash please.
  9. We have paper menus that we will hand out and not reuse (or you can keep for your next take out).
  10. We will prepare your drinks and meals in our to go containers (no outside travel mugs or containers).
  11. We have paper wrapped straws for all your to go iced drinks, as well as sealed plastic to go cutlery for
    your food.
  12. We will attach individually wrapped wipes to the out side of your to go bag.
  13. We have set up a transfer station in drive thru so we can safely set your items down before you grab
    We will continue to grow and adapt with the current client and do everything we can to ensure your safety as
    well as ours.
    In order to keep the crew feeling safe, healthy and happy we would appreciate if you, our valued customer could
    do the following while grabbing takeout from the café.
  14. Please avoid coming to pick up or use drive thru if you are not feeling well.
  15. Pay with tap.
  16. Allow us to set your items down before you grab them.
  17. Order ahead or use on line ordering (if you have time to plan ahead).
  18. Give us a big smile & share your good vibes!
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email Sherry at [email protected]